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Elephant hut in Ethiopia
Crocodiles on river in Ethiopia
Ethiopian village
River in Ethiopia
Ethiopian village available for rent
Ethiopian girl making bread
Ethiopian shopping
Monastery of St. Catherine
A group tourists descends from the mount
The fortress of Masada in Israel
Jerusalem, Israel old city at the Wester
A female leopard in South Africa
African Wild Dog in South Africa
Cape Town in South Africa
Zimbabwe shop
Elephants at The Ark, Kenya
Lion in tree - Serengeti
Leopard in tree - Serengeti
Giraffe -Tanzania
Hot Air Balloon Ride in Serengeti
Lions on Pride Rock, Serengeti
Young leopard climbing tree
The Sphinx in Egypt
Camel at Giza Pyramids
HLO Tours group trip in Egypt
Sunset on Nile River
Esna Temple in Egypt
Queen Hatsheput Temple in Luxor
Equator - Uganda
Gorilla in Uganda
Chimp in tree - Uganda




HLO Tours is a luxury U.S.based custom tour company, with over 31 years of unparalleled deluxe travel services and experience. HLO Tours’ incomparable reputation extends throughout Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Turkey, East, and South Africa. All of our tours, whether for individuals, small groups, travel clubs, or incentive programs, are unique and custom planned to meet your or your guests' specific expectations and wishes. HLO Tours offers inspiring experiences with superior service. Our personal connections and our carefully chosen tour or safari guides, make the difference between an ordinary tour, and the experience of a lifetime.


All our guests are treated individually, even if they are part of a larger group tour, and we make every effort to assist with special requests as they arise.


I welcome any inquiries you may have, and look forward to welcoming you and your guests to any of our wonderful destinations, “where you come as a tourist and leave as a friend.”


Hamdy Nossair

President, HLO Tours, Inc


To book an HLO Tour, call or email.

407.330.3464 or 800.736.4456

Fax: 407.322.3691

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1 Downtown Cairo Nile at night.png
Sakkara Zoser.png

Egypt, Gift of the Nile

15 days

Experience a leisurely trip of a lifetime in both Lower and Upper Egypt including 4 nights cruising the legendary Nile (Cairo, Luxor, Edfu, Kom Ombo, & Aswan), visiting an authentic Egyptian village, and the great Roman City of Alexandria. This is a slower-paced trip for relaxation and enjoyment.



​Per person price in double is upon request 


Customized Private Tour Program Prepared for HLO Tours Travelers


Dome of the Rock and the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel

The Ten Commandments, A Tour of The Holy Land, and The Journey of Moses


October 6 - 22, 2023

17 days


Travel back in time with a fully-escorted trip to Egypt, Israel, and Jordan: including visits to Cairo, Sinai, St. Catherine, Jerusalem, Tiberius, Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea


Per person price in double occupancy is $10,850 including air and land from JFK

Customized Private Tour Program Prepared for HLO Tours Travelers



Animal Migration; The Best Show on Earth at the Best of Kenya and Tanzania National Parks with an optional 5  Days in Zanzibar

July 26 - August 7, 2023 - 13 days for the main trip or 

July 26 - August 11, 2023 - 17 days with an optional Zanzibar extension

Featuring Kenya, Tanzania & Optional Zanzibar witnessing the ANIMAL MIGRATION; THE BEST SHOW ON EARTH

Per person in double occupancy is $8,500 for air and land from NY/JFK


Customized Private Tour Program Prepared for HLO Tours Travelers

A female leopard takes a nap while it cub licks and grooms its mother in Sabi Sands Game Rese...Afri

Essense of Uganda: Where Gorillas roam the mountains

16 days

Experience an exciting trip to see the many wonders in Uganda: the rolling agricultural lands of Kabale, the extraordinary birds of Queen Elizabeth National Park, the unusual primates of Kibale, the power of Murchinson Falls, striking scenery, and the friendly smiling faces of her people. But the memory you will never forget is "the intense feeling of being in the presence of a great intelligence" when you gaze into the expressive brown eyes of the gentle giants, the mountain gorillas of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Per person, price is upon request


Customized Private Tour Program Prepared for HLO Tours Travelers

"You come as a tourist and leave as a friend"

Call us now to book your vacation of a lifetime:

407-330-3464 or toll free 1-800-736-4456
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